44/377: Nurachi



Strong mistral. Reeds in the wind. I stretch my route towards the Cabras pond. I go back, upwind, across some country roads.


I enter the village, welcomed by some beautiful iron sculptures, the Animals. For the rest, the village is deserted. Feast of the Immaculate Mary. Everyone in the church? Yes. I hear religious songs from outside. I go around. Bricks in ladiri here and there. A water deposit stands tall in the sky. Part of the new architectural elements of this trip that I have already observed in previous days. I definitely entered the Campidano plain.

I go into a bar to work. I wait for the mass to end and as soon as the church of San Giovanni Battista empties I go back to see the remains of a pre-existing sixth-century Romanesque church found under the present structure and brought to light through a glass floor.


I have no contacts or a place to stay. After another walk around the village looking for something to see (the local museum is closed), I decide to go back to Riola Sardo, where I will stay at Giulia’s bnb, the photographer known in Baratili San Pietro, welcomed by her exuberant little dog Lula!



Scattered sonic fragments, like the fragments of impressions collected in the place.




Had I had a tent and a sleeping bag I would have camped in the fields outside Nurachi. Instead I decided to travel light and to rely on the hospitality of people or municipalities, risking having to fall back on emergency solutions, such as not to sleep in the place where the day is dedicated to. It has already happened once. And it happens again today. A small communication failure. Perhaps no one was aware of my arrival.

I am realizing that the communication routes that I considered more logical and safe, the institutional one with certified email to the Municipalities, the Anci Sardegna release thanks to the illuminated Emiliano Deiana, the social media way, with a big fuss on Facebook and Instagram, the main Sardinian newspapers, on the front pages and with beautiful articles, were not the best ways. The “unofficial” way of contact through “acquaintance” is working much better. The tam-tam works better than technology … for someone this is good, and in the end it’s fine with me too, as long as it works! Even at the last minute!

I ask all those who follow this blog to brush up the tam-tam and forcefully and vigorously announce my short story as far as possible, hoping that everyone will hear and notice my arrival! I too will implement my communication system, perhaps with smoke signals, as already done in the past by the Mayor of Nughedu Santa Vittoria!