the project

the project


377 is an artistic project dedicated to Sardinia.

By bicycle, I visited the 377 municipalities of the island across 377 days. It did not matter how close or distant, I dedicating a whole day to a municipality (and its territory).

The journey started from Nuoro, the place of origin of my ancestors, on the 26th October 2018, and ended in Cagliari, my birthplace, on the 21st December 2019.

What has come out of it? A very personal portrait of Sardinia between 2018 and 2019. Many men of culture did it before me - I think of La Maromora, Lawrence, Valery - through diaries, maps, drawings.

As a composer and bass player, I described Sardinia both with music (every day was marked by a sound fragment that I composed with my traveling companion, a bass ukulele) and with daily travel notes and photographs published on this blog.

In addition to the memories kept in the blog, I will compose together the musical fragments in a record dedicated to Sardinia, which I visited and inspired me, and I will collect thoughts and images in a book.

This project stood thanks to my savings, the help of friends and enthusiasts who lent their time and their equipment, to some private sponsors and to the Municipalities and associations that have financially supported the project. But most of all, it has been possible thanks to the generosity and hospitality of the inhabitants of the island.

Partners & friends

Sponsor Municipalities

Sponsor Associations and Pro Locos

Coro Femminile di Tonara, Associazione Culturale San Michele Tadasuni, Pro Loco Telti, Pro Loco Erula, Pro Loco Montresta, Pro Loco Mara, Pro Loco Siapiccia, Pro Loco Mogoro, Associazione Tradizioni Serramanna, Associazione Biblos Isili, Pro Loco Esterzili, Associazione Chess Art Sinnai.