377: esperienze a confronto a Baradili

On July 13, 2022, the event 377: esperienze a confronto (comparing experiences) took place in Baradili, organised by the 377 association and the Municipality of Baradili.

It was an opportunity to highlight the strengths of the Sardinian territory but also the critical issues, depopulation first of all, the difficulty of networking, but also an invitation to create synergies, collaborations, to repopulate the villages.


Baradili was chosen symbolically because it is the smallest village in Sardinia. In addition to the story of the 377 project, stories and travel images will emerge from Riccardo Mura, a cultural operator from Luogosanto, Livio Loi from Ilbono, Alberto and Paola Deiana from the Elisa Deiana association, Gianni Persico, a photographer from Iglesias, and the journalist Gennaro Longobardi. Their stories will be captured in the live painting work of Simone Piras from Santadi, material for a graphic novel.

Speakers include the mayor of Baradili Marianna Camedda, the president of the Due Giare Consortium Lino Zedda, the president of Anci Emiliano Deiana, the mayor of Elmas Maria Laura Orrù, the mayor of Arborea Manuela Pintus, Giuseppe Melis Giordano, Rosanna Carboni of the Nino Carrus Association.