257/377: Bottidda


View of Bottidda from the Burgos castle

I have been in Bottidda for three days, and from here I have cycled only a few kilometers to visit Esporlatu and Burgos. The only ride today is to explore this small village in the Goceano area at the foot of Mount Rasu, 900 meters above sea level, on which there are some of the first Franciscan convents in Sardinia and where I will not go up because of the heat.

Mural by Cioncio

I pedal close to the Sa Corona hill and the old houses that make up the historic centre. I arrive at the parish church of the Madonna del Rosario, in neoclassical style, and not far from here I see Che Guevara’s face represented in a mural.

Mural by Fernando Mussone

I continue meeting other characters painted on the walls. Gramsci who reminds us “organize yourself because we will need all your strength”. Then an accordion player, much like the launeddist in a mural in Tinnura (in fact, I discover they are both by Fernando Mussone).

Santa Maria degli Angeli church

I head from the other side of the village to the beautiful church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. The facade is all in pink trachyte, the door with ornate frames, and an arch with a small bell tower added, in granite, to the right. From here the view extends to the plain below, territories that I will reach soon.

Giovanni Falcone e Paolo Borsellino Park

Returning to the b&B, I stop at Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino Park, a beautiful green area, with a sports field to the side and games for children. I sit on a bench and contemplate the castle of Burgos which appears between the houses at the end of the main street. Tomorrow, I will leave this triad of tiny villages in the shadow of the Burgos castle, and in Bono I will have the feeling of arriving in a metropolis.






I begin to feel the heat and intensity of these days. I am mentally tired and my ankle still aches after the fall in Sindia. I am almost happy not to have had a response in these three villages, and with the fact that they were so close to each other I was able to spend three quiet days and without great walks, only slow pedaling that does not tire my foot.

The weight of this journey begins to be felt. I am in the beautiful Domos Antiga b&b owned by Monica where I can rest and work on the blog and musical fragments with calm. I have time to look at myself in the mirror. The beard and hair are long enough to make a pigtail in both. I haven’t cut them since the start of the project.

Sitting on the table outside my accommodation, an old well-restored low house that maintains an ancient air, I enjoy the evening breeze. Monica tells me about a traveler who passed by her b&b some time ago. A German lady who traveled on foot. I’m annotating all the travelers that are reported to me, and someone has already told me about this lady.

Originally from Cologne, this lady had the idea of ​​traveling from north to south of Europe following one of the meridians (I think the ninth). She left Norway, and after passing through Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Corsica, she arrived in Sardinia, the last land of her journey which ended in Pula. I have no other information, but I like that there is an aura of mystery around this traveler.